Memorial Service

June’s Memorial Service was held on Saturday, August 16, 2014, two months after her death, at Trinity United Church in Mahone Bay.

Below, you’ll find individual videos of several segments of the service. Click “Memorial” in the menu to return to this page. There is also a video of the whole service, in case you’d like to “attend” from a front-row seat.

Here is the program for the service (PDF): • Main program • Insert (song lyrics etc)

Another Bright Star, sung by Pamela Holm and friends

[weaver_youtube sd=1] Original song written for her mother by Pamela Holm (guitar and lead vocal). With Bev Shaw on violin, Heather Holm on accordion, Bev and Heather plus Dorcas Beaton, Valerie Bellamy and Heather Kristenson on backup vocals, and Peter … Continue reading