Photo Montage

I made this photo montage with old Eikhoud family photos in 1999. If you click to enlarge, you’ll get a high-resolution image suitable for printing.

Top row, left to right: June’s father Brent; mother Rita; June (left) and sister Helen Rose (with dog) with their parents in front of the farmhouse in Wheatley River, PEI; June as a teenager.

Second row: Haying on the farm. Probably her father about to toss the hay with a ptichfork. Right; Shirley and June in a sleigh.

Third row: Helen Rose with a calf (she loved animals so much); the twins, Shirley and Helen Rose; Shirley.

Eikhoud photo montage

Sibling reunions

More pictures from her first 10 years of (the first) marriage